T3Bioscience LLC concentrates on a two-pronged research focus. It differentiates its research between synthetic and bio products.

Synthetic product research specializes in developing antivirulence drugs for fighting the gram-negative bacterial pathogens in humans and crops (namely, apple, pear & rice) by targeting type 3 secretion system of bacterial virulence.

Bio product research is specialized on the discovery of new antibiotics by means of an internal proprietary methodology (PROMISA - Proprietary Methodology for Isolation of Antibiotic Bacteria) developed by Dr. Ching-Hong Yang over the last 15 years that allows systematic and efficient discovery of new bacteria fighting antibiotic resistance in humans.

T3Bioscience executes its research fulfilling five objectives:

  • identify alternative products to replace existing antibiotics;
  • identify supplements for existing antibiotics (synthetic or natural); ie, cognate inhibitors as potential combination agents to increase or restore current commercially available antibiotics against bacterial pathogens;
  • develop new anti-microbials.
  • specialized agriculture focus with synthetic products to replace antibiotics as pesticides, thus contributing to fight human antibiotic resistance.
  • bring lead compounds from the laboratory as commercial products to the shelves of a drug store, helping to save human lives.


Established in 2013 and based in Milwaukee, WI, the Company is privately held and includes as shareholders the UWM Research Foundation and Duke Philanthropies. Whilst legally established in 2013, the Company has the privilege to leverage on a decades of microbiological research by Dr. Ching-Hong Yang. The research laboratory consists of three post-doctoral microbiologists supported by under-graduate students of the University of Wisconsin.

T3 Bioscience's setup represents a unique biotech startup. It fuses the assets of a scientist's life-time research and its resulting successes within a university's facilities with a committed start-up business environment.

Management Team

Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Ching-Hong Yang is applying 18 years of microbiological research to treating bacterial infections without increasing resistance for conventional antibiotics. Dr. Yang is also Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin as well as publisher and co-author of numerous scientific articles and recipient of US governmental research grants. Dr. Yang founded T3Bioscience, with participation of UWM Research Foundation and Duke Philanthropies in 2013 with the main objective of saving human lives by fighting antibiotic resistance.

CEO, Daniel Burgin joined T3 Bioscience in January 2016 with focus on business strategy and its execution, helping to bring laboratory products to the commercial markets. Prior to T3Bioscience, Burgin was successfully building his own technology business in Japan and after its acquisition by the New York Stock Exchange group was appointed as Head of the NYSE's Commercial Technology Division in Asia Pacific.

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